Aspen's Story



Aspen, a domestic skunk born and raised in captivity, was the beloved,  pampered housepet of the Mills family in Alabama. He was the 1998  Skunks As Pets Grand National Show Champion. Shortly before Christmas in December 1998, a friend of the family stopped by the Mills home. Aspen, who loved to play with bags, tried to investigate a bag the friend had. She pushed Aspen away to keep him out of it.  Unfortunately, Aspen went right back after the bag, biting the lady's hand in the process. Although she knew Aspen from numerous visits, she became very angry and triggered a series of events culminating in Aspen's death so that his brain tissue could be tested for rabies. The test results came back negative, as expected based on his breeding and lifestyle. The anguish experienced by Aspen's family and skunk enthusiasts everywhere was unimaginable.

The unnecessary deaths of Aspen and cherished skunks such as Chloe, Neika, and others nationwide have ignited us to a campaign toward  obtaining government approval of a rabies vaccine for skunks and a recognized quarantine period for vaccinated skunks.



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