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We have tried to list the laws in all states here. If you see any that are not accurate, please email the Webmaster

These laws seem to change frequently, to get the most up to date laws concerning skunk ownership, please contact your state.

Please understand that we are basing our interpretation of the laws on personal pet skunk ownership, not rules for anything other than individual ownership, such as educational facilities, zoos, etc.

In states where we could find them, we have included the phone number to call.

Click each state below to go to the appropriate web site to find the current laws.

Note: Please find a vet willing to care for skunk before you get one.  Finding a vet in an emergency can prove impossible..


State Legality Phone Number where available Last Updated
Alabama Legal March '05
Alaska Illegal   March '05
Arizona Illegal


March '05
Arkansas  Illegal March '05
California Illegal   March '05
Colorado Illegal March '05
Connecticut Illegal   March '05
Delaware Illegal   March '05
Florida Legal March '05
Georgia Conditional March '05
Hawaii Illegal   March '05
Idaho Conditional   March '05
Illinois Illegal   March '05
Indiana Conditional March '05
Iowa Conditional


March '05
Kansas Illegal   March '05
Kentucky Conditional March '05
Louisiana Conditional 318-371-3050 March '05
Maine  Illegal 207-287-8000 March '05
Maryland  Illegal   March '05
Massachusetts  Illegal 508-792-7270 Sept. '06
Michigan  Conditional March '05
Minnesota   Conditional   March '05
Mississippi   Illegal


March '05
Missouri  Illegal   March '05
Montana  Illegal   March '05
Nebraska  Illegal   March '05
Nevada  Illegal   March '05
New Hampshire  Illegal 603-271-342 March '05
New Jersey  Conditional March '05
New Mexico  Conditional March '05
New York  Illegal

518 402-8990

March '05
North Carolina  Illegal March '05
North Dakota   Illegal 701-328-2654 March '05
Ohio Conditional March '05
Oklahoma Conditional 405-521-3719 March '05
Oregon Conditional March '05
Pennsylvania  Conditional March '05
Rhode Island   Illegal   March '05
South Carolina   Illegal/Conditional March '05
South Dakota  Conditional


March '05
Tennessee   Illegal   March '05
Texas  Illegal 512-389-4647 March '05
Utah   Illegal   March '05
Vermont   Illegal   March '05
Virginia   Illegal   March '05
Washington   Illegal   March '05
West Virginia Conditional


March '05
Wisconsin Conditional 608-266-3244 March '05
Wyoming  Legal   March '05



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